Purchase of Sawn timber

The main types of wood purchased are spruce (Picea Abies) and pine (Pinus Sylvestris), as well as the Nordic larch to a limited extent (Larix Nordica). We also use knotless finger-jointed pine.

Our annual sawn timber consumption amounts to 40,000 m3.

Our most purchased cross-sections and quality classes:

Spruce SF KD 16/18%
Thickness: 44/47/50/56/63 mm
Width: 100/115/125/150 mm
Length: 3,900/4,200/4,500/4,800/5,100/5,400 mm

Pine SF KD16/18%
Thickness: 47/50/56 mm
Width: 100/115/125/140/150 mm
Length: 4,500/4,850/5,100/5,400 mm

Larch SF
Thickness : 50 mm
Width: 100/115/125/150 mm
Length: 5100/6000 mm

Origin of the material and certificates

Dold Puidutööstus holds both the PEFC and FSC certificates and those certificates apply to the majority of the material purchased. The material comes from sustainable managed forests, primarily from Estonia and Finland.