Purchase of Sawn timber

The main types of wood purchased are spruce (Picea Abies) and pine (Pinus Sylvestris), as well as the Nordic larch to a limited extent (Larix Nordica). We also use knotless finger-jointed pine.

Our annual sawn timber consumption amounts to 40,000 m3.

Our most purchased cross-sections and quality classes:

Spruce SF KD 16/18%
Thickness: 44/47/50/56/63 mm
Width: 100/115/125/150 mm
Length: 3,900/4,200/4,500/4,800/5,100/5,400 mm

Pine SF KD16/18%
Thickness: 47/50/56 mm
Width: 100/115/125/140/150 mm
Length: 4,500/4,850/5,100/5,400 mm

Larch SF
Thickness : 50 mm
Width: 100/115/125/150 mm
Length: 5100/6000 mm

Origin of the material and certificates

The material comes from sustainable managed forests, primarily from Estonia and Finland.